Rotary Serving Humanity

RI President John Germ’s theme for this year is Rotary Serving Humanity. I would like to share a few lines from his theme address to the International Assembly.

President Germ says that great opportunities sometimes have a way of looking small. Every one of us has been given a great opportunity. That opportunity didn’t come from a call saying, “Congratulations on your nomination.”  It came in the form of a Rotarian saying, ”I’d like to invite you to a meeting of my Rotary club.” It might have seemed like a small opportunity at the time. But for whatever reasons it also seemed like a good idea: an interesting chance to meet some good people, and do some good work, and have some fun along the way.


Susan Winey

President Susan Winey

Every one of us recognizes the opportunity to serve through Rotary for what it truly is: not a small opportunity, but a great one. Today, tomorrow, and in the year ahead let us remember that the only difference between a small opportunity and a great one is what you do with it.

It is my great honor and privilege to serve our club as president for the 2016-2017 year. With the help of our dedicated Board of Directors and each of you, I look forward to turning some small opportunities into great ones for our community as well as the world.  As we embark on this new year I intend to have some fun too. The board has some great plans to add new activities and projects that will engage our club members, promote fellowship and serve the community. I hope that each of you will become a member of “Rotary’s Royal Court”, the president’s club this year.  I can’t wait to recognize each of you for your “crowning achievements”.

Every day that you serve in Rotary, you have the opportunity to change lives. Let’s use this next year to turn small opportunities into great ones!