The following Committees are under the direction of Liz Wynn

Friendship Exchange

  1. Develop an exchange program with a Rotary club in another country or region
  2. Select a matched District and Club
  3. Encourage club members to be involved in the exchange and to improve member understanding of other people and cultures
  4. If possible, partner with clubs in areas that are Visalia "sister cities"
International Service Projects
  1. Develop and participate in a Rotary world service project.
  2. Partner with other Rotary clubs and apply for District and Matching Grants when possible to make significant and ongoing projects possible.
  3. Improve the understanding and recognition of the work of Rotary and make it well known to club members.

Rotary Foreign Affairs Roundtable (RFAR)

  1. Meets monthly (last Monday of the month) to discuss international topics and issues particularly as they affect the United States foreign policy and security
  2. Meetings are open to all members of the Rotary Club of Visalia
  3. RFAR members select discussion topics and presenters
  4. Members make presentations to set up each discussion topic followed by spirited and respectful discussion
  5. RFAR members are encouraged to discuss topics and make presentations that can become a program for a weekly club meeting

 Rotary International Grants & Scholarships

  1. Keep club up to date on opportunities for members and non-members to participate in Rotary volunteer and educational opportunities including the many Rotary special interest fellowships
  2. Attend and participate in District Grant Seminars and special international service program educational meetings
The Rotary Foundation (RI)
  1. Provide club members with information regarding the work of the Foundation and how Rotary member support is valued and needed.
  2. Encourage contributions to the Rotary Foundation and monitor RI reports on member progress to attaining Paul Harris Awards.
  3. Utilize the club's Rotary Foundation credits to help members achieve Paul Harris awards and to make special awards possible.
  4. Encourage club member contributions to the Rotary Foundation at all levels of giving and assure the completion of the Polio Plus effort.
  5. Coordinate with the President and Secretary RI award presentations at club meetings including discussing the work of the Foundation.


Weekly Bulletin