The Visalia Rotary Community Foundation has five levels of Fellows

Karl Weiss Fellow


   Born: 1905     Died: 2006
Profession:  Doctor; World Traveler; Philosopher
Rotary:  President (1949)
Dr. Weiss was a Samaritan who arrived in Visalia in a three-piece suit from San Francisco and endeared himself to the community for his efforts to help Visalia’s healthcare.

Bob Harrell Fellow

$5,000 - $9,999

  Born: 1920     Died: 1998
Profession:  Former County Supervisor; Educator;
Harrell Ranches; Grandson of Joseph Harrell
Rotary:  President (1967)
Bob was a visionary who tried to start a community foundation in the 1980s and worked hard for vocational education

Tommy Black Fellow

$10,000 - $24,999

  Born: 1906    
Entered Rotary:  October 29, 1930
Profession:  Founder and Operator of Jack & Jeff
Records for 60 years; major contributor to VCRF
Rotary:  Member for 65 years
Tommy donated over $100,000 to help establish the VRCF

Greely Togni

$25,000 - $74,999

  Born: 1922     Died: 2006
Profession: Owner – Togni Branch; Developer of
Southwest Visalia
Greeley was a Marine who loved Visalia and made a serious donation in VRCF to enable the Foundation to commence making grants

Hugh "Hoot" Macklin

$75,000 - $99,999

  Born: 1922     Died: 2007
Profession:  H&R Macklin Sons, Ins.; Appraiser
  and Loan Representative
Rotary:  President (1984)
Hoot was also a Marine and was an original founder of the VRCF and set high standards for its success.

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